A great end to the year!

This year we launched the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Conversion course, a four-month Diploma designed to train experienced hypnotherapists to use Solution Focused techniques in their practice. We have developed the course on behalf of CPHT and the aim is that course graduates can put the Solution Focused techniques into practice from day 1, since they are already qualified as hypnotherapists.

The feedback from our current (wonderful!) students is that they are finding the Solution Focused model to be quite a departure from their former training, but they have embraced the concepts enthusiastically and are enjoying adapting their session structures.

They are really enjoying learning about the Neuroscience principles that underpin the Solution Focused approach and there are plenty of ‘aha!’ moments as they gain a robust understanding of how and why hypnotherapy works. They can appreciate why we do what we do during Solution Focused sessions.

And for our part we are thoroughly enjoying helping our students unlock the power of the Solution Focused approach and we look forward to welcoming more ‘converts’ to next year’s course.

Another highlight for the year was when we developed and delivered a one-day course ‘All About Sleep’ to fellow Hypnotherapists at CPHT Bristol as part of their ongoing professional development. We really enjoyed researching the topic from all angles, and uncovered some fascinating facts. A good night’s sleep is far more important than most people realise. Fortunately Solution Focused hypnotherapists are well placed to help their clients improve their sleep.

Happy New Year!

Announcing the SFH Conversion Course

We are Solution Focused Hypnotherapists through and through. We originally trained under David Newton at CPHT Bristol in 2007/2008, gaining a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and the prestigious Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD). Subsequently we gained a separate Diploma in SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Therapy) Training for Hypnotherapists.

We then went on to help establish the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) and recently we have set up a satellite CPHT school in Guildford, training students to become Solution Focused Hypnotherapists. We are thoroughly enjoying helping our Guildford students become confident, effective SF practitioners.

Interest in the SF approach has been increasing in recent years, fueled by the findings in Neuroscience about brain ‘plasticity’ and the impact of positive mental rehearsal. The approach appeals to clients who wish to move forward rather than analyse their past.

We were delighted when David Newton invited us to develop a SFH Conversion course to enable experienced, qualified Hypnotherapists become proficient in this powerful approach. We have based the course on the SF aspects of the HPD course and the SFBT Training for Hypnotherapists Diploma syllabus.

With thriving practices in Somerset and Devon, we have seen at first hand the tremendous power of the Solution Focused approach. The techniques can be applied to help with a range of conditions and, although simple in principle, take practice to implement effectively.

The great strength of CPHT courses is that they place great emphasis on the practical application of the techniques and the SFH Conversion course is no different. As well as learning the underpinning knowledge, participants will have plenty of opportunity to put theory into practice.

We are looking forward to sharing our enthusiasm, knowledge and experience with practising Hypnotherapists who wish to convert to the Solution Focused approach.